Monday, March 29, 2010

Beginning of my etching series

This is the first image of a series of intaglio prints I am creating from the same zinc plate. They all have to do with an important memory about my grandma and one of my first drawing books. Right now I only have a photograph of the first state print of the series but more are to come. This print is called Little Binny. The second image I added a red coat to the print by using a chine collee process.

SGC Pin Up Girls

I made these 3 girls, Pin Up 1, 2 and 3, for the 2009 Southern Graphics Conference in Chicago, IL. I left them around during the conference at demos, breakfast, and other fun places for attendees to find and enjoy. I would love to talk to people who found them and hear there reaction to them.

Silk Screen

Some silk screens I have done in Spring 2009, not the best at silk screening but trying to improve. Sailing Ship, Self Pin Up, and El Camino.
I experimented with several techniques to create the prints, to make Sailing Ship I created several stencils to layer the different colors, Self Pin Up was done with burning the different color layers into the screen, and El Camino was created with stencils and drawing fluid.

First Lithography

Here are images of the very first lithography prints I did in Fall 2009. They are called Burn Away I and Burn Away II. I experimented with printing and tried printing on different mediums, like envelopes.